Romania to Serbia no trains

  • 10 August 2022
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We are currently traveling to Timisoara. 
We wish to transport ourselves from Timisoara to Beograd on August 12th. I wanted to book ahead of time at GeaTours, starting emails a month ago but it was too early. They said I should only ask just before my travel date, but of course now that I have asked they are no seats left for the 12th. All this experience is quite frustrating. 
Do you know another bus company ? I am having a hard time finding solutions, it is also a shame the train has never been renovated :(

I have found Simplicity using omio search engine, but the cost is aberrant (105€ for 2 people)… Also no BlaBlaCar available.

5 replies

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Try the Rome to Rio website.


not much luck on that matter. There is always that bit at the boarder not included in the bus trips/ train. Since we are not locals I don’t really feel like crossing the boarder by foot and phoning a Serbian taxi on the other side, or car pooling :/

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Change travel plans-after all getting then OUT of B-grad will also involve taking buses at some point, as Serbije is isolated in trains from all around.

Plan B: travel via HU-but that needs a big detour and I doubt can do in 1 day, as there is also SEV-bus for a long part. Need to go via SZEGED (check planner), then replacement bus-Subotica-NOvi Sad.

IF you now stay in Tim. your hoStel will probably also be the best place to ask what they know about local offers.

Of course ignorant youngbees always want things that they do not have to pay for-repairing rails and infra cost an awful lot moreas over there they seem warranted by the very low nr of pax.

Thank you all for answers. We went through with Simplicity to get a transfer for tomorrow, despite the price. Not much alternative. We did go to the tourist information for help, but they told us it’s very difficult to get transport to Beograd. 

We did the trip from Timisoara to Belgrade this year, end of July 2023. Since the train between Romania and Serbia is still not running we asked the friendly people at the office of Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2023 how we could get to Belgrade.
They suggested several companies to go with:
- Gea Tours: The Serbian Company goes from Belgrade to Timisoara airport several times a week and they can take travellers on the way back. They charge 25 Euro per person., WhatsApp: +381 64 9722 449. Caution: Phone calls to Serbia can get pretty expensive.
- Simplicity: A Romanian Tourism Agency from Timisoara which can bring you to the other side of the border., Phone: +40 744 222299.
- Recreation: A Romanian Tourism Agency from Timisoara which can bring you to the other side of the border.
Since Gea Tours was booked out on the day we wanted to go, we took a taxi booked via Simplicity. We went from Timisoara to Vršac, from there we took the train to Belgrade. For the one-hour drive to Vrsac including the border crossing we paid 100 Euro (3 persons).