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  • 2 March 2024
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Hello all - first time using this site but hoping you guys have some tips/inspiration! In August we need to be Malaga on the weekend of 24th/25th - can you suggest a scenic route that we can do with overnight stays on the way to Malaga and on the way home from Malaga.

We will start and end the travel from London so could do the Eurostar - length of the trip is maximum 10/14 days due to work and school.

Looking for inspiration of where would great to stop onroute to Malaga - i.e Eurostar to Paris, stay overnight, next day train to next destination and stay overnight etc etc.



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Hello! Thank you for this, great tip about avoiding Paris! I’ll have a look at those options :-)

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Paris is hosting the Olympics this summer so I wouldn't recommend to stay there at all. Expect crazy prices, crowds and security measures. Totally unpleasant and the city isn't that far from London anyway... :)

I'd travel one way via the Atlantic side and the other via the Mediterranean. There are night trains between Paris and the Spanish border.

Schedules for August haven't been published yet. France should do so on 13th March and Spain in the near future too.

One example between many :

- DAY 1 : London - Paris - Bordeaux

If you wish to avoid the station transfer in Paris, there are a few TGV intersecteurs avoiding the city. First take a Eurostar to Lille.

- DAY 2 : Bordeaux - Hendaye - San Sebastian

San Sebastian - Malaga would be best split in Madrid but expect the city to be very hot so idk

For the return :

- DAY 1 : Malaga - Barcelona direct AVE (more frequent if you change in Madrid)

In any case you'll have to book trains requiring reservations well in advance. It will be peak peak season.

- DAY 2 : Barcelona - Nîmes or Avignon (say in that area). You can take the slower coastal route if you wish to save on reservations.

- DAY 3 : either long day home via Paris or Lille, or you could spend a night near Dijon for example

Questions welcome. General link :