Scenic Semmering Line

  • 10 July 2023
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Hi. We want to travel by train from Salzburg to Vienna in August. Instead of a straight route between the two I would like to travel in the Scenic Semmering Route. I have 2 questions.

1. Should we travel from Salzburg to Graz and then up to Vienna, or do we skip Graz and travel from Salzburg to Bruck/Mur then Wiener Neustadt the Vienna?

2. We have a Global Eurail pass. On the app, if I select either of these routes will it take us on this scenic route or is there another specific route or train we should book.

This would be a one day trip - leaving Salzburg in the morning and ending in Vienna late afternoon or early evening. 


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3 replies

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If you don't intend to visit Graz, then you don't need to go there and you can just change at Bruck an der Mur. The most scenic part of the Semmering route is between Mürzzuschlag and Wiener Neustadt.

Tx so much for your reply. Now I'm wondering should we try and sit on the left or right side of the train for the best view or will either side work? 

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If I remember well you should be on the right side towards Wien.