Small European Cities Train Trips

  • 15 August 2022
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We are planning to travel Europe from Sept. thru Oct.


Our itinerary is

Frankfurt to Goslar

Goslar to Wernigerode

Wernigerode to Quedlinburg

Quedlinburg to Berlin

Berlin - Prague - Rome - Frankfurt


Looks like the Eurail pass is the way to go for the big cities.


Is there a pass that works for the small cities too?

i.e. Frankfurt - Goslar - Wernigerode - Quedlinburg - Belin


Or do we just have to buy individual tickets for those trips?



6 replies

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No-it is otherwise: these segments are far too short for a railpass to be economical. Plus that some sectors have no direct trains, its BUS-pay driver (cash there!). Can check easily via like G-W-Q in that area will each cost like 5-10€/single. In some HTLs over there you even get a free pass for the buses (Hatix or HarzQuerticket). In fact IMHO it makes no sense to change HTL at such short distance-stay longer in W or Q and make daytrips.

I count 4 long trips-but the 5 days is only for 1 month MAX-so up to you how to manage it best.

Pr->Ro and then again Ro→ Fra do need some planning-more changes needed and also RES-IMHO too far away to do without stops in between for the usual tourist 1st time.

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If you are planning a train intensive itinerary you could also consider a continuous pass where you can use it every day across the whole visit. As mcadv points out there will be some additional costs for buses and maybe a few obligatory reservations, but they do give a great degree of flexibility for a fixed fee.

Again mcadv makes a good point in settling for a number of hub bases and day tripping. eg Vienna is only a couple of hours from the alps, Budapest and Salzburg. Munich is another city with many others in easy reach, Freiburg is good for the black forest and Basel area of Switzerland and so on.

Thank you for the response. I had pretty much deduced as much but wanted to make sure.

We were actually figuring on 6 Eurail travel days.

1 day Berlin to Prague

2 days Prague to Bologna, it’s a 14 hour trip but we think we’d do it at night so go over the midnight-midnight ticket use criteria

1 day Bologna to Rome

2 days Rome to Frankfurt, again that’s an 11 hour trip and may choose to do it at night also

OK, scratch that, we probably do R to F during the day.

So it is (most likely) 5 travel days. We were thinking we’d get the 7 trip pass just in case. We will be there for less than a month total baring unforeseen circumstances.

OK, next big question. We were planning on the 1st class Eurail Pass. Does that mean we could have a sleeper car from Prague to Bologna?

Thanks again for the help.

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OK, next big question. We were planning on the 1st class Eurail Pass. Does that mean we could have a sleeper car from Prague to Bologna?

  1. You can also book a sleeping car with a 2nd class pass.
  2. There is no night train from Prague to Bologna. There is one from Munich to Bologna though (change in Munich).

So we could go from Prague to Munich during the day, and then switch to a night train with sleeper births from Munich to Bologna?


Would this be thru Eurail, or DB? I found an OBB Nightjet service but i can’t get the website to work.

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Booking a reservation via Eurail/Interrail is always my last choice because of their added charges.

The best website to book Munich - Bologna is Do NOT use "Seat only” but add the Interrail/Eurail discount and then look for normal tickets.