Specify cities when booking?

  • 20 March 2022
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We want to use the Interrail ticket for a month in the summer and would like to buy it now. Do we have to set the final route when buying or can we buy a ticket for five days and decide at short notice where to go?

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No you can decide even last minute where you want to go or even on the travelday itself :) Thats the Idea behind these Railpasses

There sometimes the limit of reservations (Mainly France,Italy,Spain) that limit the flexibility a bit :/ (As you need a reservation to go on few trains and few of them have just limited seats for Railpass user)

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You can decide till 1 min before departure-on the platform or when you see the big screens with all the trains-also with the days you choose to use. IF you take the mobile app, then even the starting day is only decided when you actually start/. Depending on which countries you intend to visit (and be original-avoid the problem-bound ES and FR-too many hassles reported here) you may need to make REServations on top or with surcharge , mostly for the suoerfast hi-speed trains-this you can do also before and without activating the days.