Split to Sevnica night train

  • 9 April 2023
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Hi guys

The night train i’m looking at shows as N/A, does this mean sold out or as in the train is not available to book yet? 

Also, in general if interrail says it’s not available to book a ticket until 2 months in advance, is this correct? As some tickets i’ve looked at on OBB have also showed up as services not available or just with no option to buy a ticket for it?

Thanks :)


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It is available right now to book on (no booking fee) :)

Add Eurail/Interrail as a discount and select one-way tickets (not seat reservations). It should work.

Copying rvdborgt’s answer in another thread :

“No, N/A just means that the app doesn't have a price. It may mean it doesn't exist in this train. Price of a seat is also wrong, as is often the case in the app. I usually ignore any price mentioned there.”


I have gone to do this and it’s saying £20+ for just a seat reservation (not a couchette or sleeper)- does this sound right to you as it seems like quite a bit for a seat?

Thank you

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That's a quite expensive train. A seat from Split to Sevnica is currently available for €29.90, no pass needed. This is a non-refundable, non-exchangeable fare. A pass reservation is €54.90 (refundable).