Spontaneous traveling in August.

  • 10 July 2022
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Hey, me and my partner are planning our 1month interrail journey in August and our planned destinations will probably be Amsterdam,Paris,Madrid,Lissabon,Barcelona.


We want to travel rather cheap but also want to be spontaneous. Has anyone experiences with traveling during main season without planning anything beforehand? Is it possible to come to a new city without any plan of a place to sleep and find one for relatively good price, means below 40euro per person per night.?

My Main concern here is hostels being sold out and prices rising the sooner you book to the actual date you are sleeping there

My father told my about his interrail trips when he was 20, back then you could just do everything spontaneously ,so it was one big adventure. 

Is this still possible? Or has interrail fundamently changed since then.



2 replies

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Yeah, the internet happened and demand responsive pricing.

Unless you like sleeping on park benches I really wouldn’t recommend just turning up at places in the middle of the tourist season expecting cheap accommodation.


The same goes for hassle free travel, The low cost airlines started the whole book early and cheap model, well the flip side of the bargain fares is somebody has to pay the expensive prices and that honour goes to last minute travellers.

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Sehr schlechter Wahl-gerade fuer diese Route.

ESpana ist #1 in making it worse-connections to PT by train very bad, and across FR can also be a nightmare if you want the fast TGV.

Off season very much more do-able. Sleeping in parks-not really needed-but cheap sleeps may also all be taken before.