Stockholm-Narvik sleeper availability

  • 19 April 2023
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I’m looking to book the sleeper in mid-June (16th I think), but the availability is only showing as far as the middle of May at the moment.  Correction, I just re-checked and it is showing dates forwards from June 21st with a gap for a couple of weeks back to the middle of May.

Does anyone know if there are track works impacting this train?  I can still make the connection by changing train in Boden and catching the day train to Narvik, but that involves a later arrival in Narvik which isn’t optimal as I’m heading onwards from there in a campervan.  Given that the day train is running I guess it’s not trackwork, but the train just shows as not available on

[edit] shows several gaps in running order but indicates is should run on 16th June

Days of operation: runs daily, not 18., 21. May, 23. until 29. Jun 2023, 5., 6. Jul, 8. until 13. Jul 2023, 15., 22., 29. Jul, 5. until 10. Aug 2023


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2 replies

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To answer my own question . . . it’s back to the standard “the track work people haven’t confirmed or denied their plans yet” line from SJ.

I contacted them via chat and that was what came back.  In other words, it might run, it might not.  There may be track works, there may not.  I will likely book the sleeper to Boden and the day train - at least they are available to buy today,

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As the reservation with Interrail at is refundable, except for the booking fee of 10-20 SEK, you can always change the booking later if the direct train becomes available.