Stop over in Chop (Ukraine)

  • 22 August 2021
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I would like to travel from Kosice (Slowakia) to Brasov (Romania) and there is an option to travel via Chop. This city is in Ukraine (close to the border). Is it possible to travel that route with a Global Pass or do I have to pay extra, and how about covid-regulations in Ukraine for travellers who only visit the railway station?

9 replies

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I don’t know about Covid-regulations but I’m pretty sure the interrail pass isn’t valid in Ukraine.

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@SVdV  99% correct there is one special offer from Austrian Rail from Vienna to Lviv or Kiev with Interrail but that doesn´t matter for the topic of @frefer  

For your connection Interrail won´t be valid after Cierna nad Tisou  till Zahony (i guess that´s where you heading) and from there further to Brasov :)

For Ukraine you need actual a local insurance that covers Covid can be bought for 1-2€ per day online on the tourist websites of Ukraine :)
The train tricket Cierna nad Tisou - Chop can be bought in Kosice for just 2€ :)
was several times in Chop but never did the SK - UZ - HU triangle :)

Spare Route 1 from Kosice starts actual once per day at 6am a Train to Budapest with connection to Brasov (mostly Nighttrain connections :) )
there should be operate trains almost every 2hrs but due covid just one per day Kosice - Budapest

Spare Route 2 take the train to Chop till “Slovenské Nové Mesto” from their it´s a walk over the border to “Sátoraljaújhely” and connect your journey from there :)


I asked because the Interrail planner app showed me this connection and no warning or extra information was given.

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if you’d go to Ukraine, I’d recommend to take the bus from Michalovce to Uzhgorod. In Uzhgorod you can spend a nice day and there are some things to see (also nearby Mukachevo is interesting for half a day). In Chop there is nothing to see and also the railway lines are not really interesting (except that it is an outer EU border). 

Insurance is minimum 3 euro (even if you stay only for 1 day). Also the ticket from Chop to Zahony requires some extra fee.

Hi MartinM,

I don't want to visit Ukraine, but the Interrail travelplanner app shows me that it's the shortest connection if you want to travel from Kosice to Brasov, which I do. I should think the app would give only options where the pass is valid. Therefore, I was wondering.

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@frefer  the app shows even some trains that are not usable with Interrail or Eurail :) and use sometimes the Route suggestions of the Major Railplanners like DB Navigator or Scotty and many more :)

i showed above some spare routes that maybe work for you :)

I understand now. And I know the spare routes. Thanks a lot!


If you will only be at a train station or an airport, you are not subject to any covid quarantine measures. You just have to be vaccinated for any trip. But make sure to check your insurance too because we once forgot and went to England. Had to pay extra to get insurance. 

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Carefull with such answers in this special topic the traveler would leave the EU and enter Ukraine ;) Ukraine makes no different if you enter Ukraine for just 2hours for a change in chop or if you enter for several weeks the insurance is always needed.
There is no transit exception in Ukraine for the rare case of travelers going from Slovakia via Chop to Hungary :)

The rules in Europe keep changing everyday :) Because of that i recommend to read the website of the Countries you intend to visit. The European Union startet a website to keep all the informations as actual as possible how ever even them are sometimes “delayed” as some countries set new rules to be active in few hours.