Suggested routes from Lisbon for up to 21 days

  • 14 December 2021
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I want to surprise my wife with like a 14-21 days trip across Europe and wherever we go to end up by train. We have never been on trains before like this, and would like to hit as many beautiful places in the alloted time, but still have time to enjoy them.

No need for return trip to Lisbon, as we will be flying back to Canada after this train ride. Would love to hear some great ideas as beginners...I've heard people going as far east as Asia, some east then south, etc etc....we are open minded....thank you so much

1 reply

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sadly-youve chosen about the most difficult start for trains- at the mo PT hardly has any INTernat. train-and obviously these all go to Spain.

sadly2: after ES=Spain comes France and sadly again-these are the 2 countries that make it most hard to use an Eu/INterRail-all long dist. trains must be resrved-at quite high suplplements and also not via easy to use ways.

Go to a library and borrow a guidebook, or visit a general touristy forum like on tripadvisor (most responders there are always advicing against EU-rail-realise this) or the train promotion site seat61-it overviews all train routes from the UK-so simply hook on somewhere.

AND do note that at the mo the covid situation is also a major factor-alas-every country has different rules and these change by the day