The Orient Express; are these journeys covered?

  • 26 January 2022
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Hi, are all these train journeys covered on the interrail pass?


Istanbul to Sofia

Sofia to Croatia

Croatia to Ljubjana

Ljubjana to Venice

Venice to Milan

Milan to Geneva

Geneva to Paris

3 replies

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On the paper are they covered, but currently there are no trains between Turkey and Sofia (Bulgaria) and between Bulgaria-Serbia-Croatia. You could go via Romania to Budapest (Hungary) and from there to Ljubljana. 

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As said above

Journeys are covered but From Turkey via Sofia - Belgrade - Zagreb currently no Service :/ 

From Sofia via Vidin/Craiova - Budapest - Lubljana/Zagreb or Sofia- Ruse- Bucharest- Budapest/Vienna - Lubljana/Zagreb 


Between Budapest and Lubljana up to 4trains per day 2daytrains via Graz/Maribor 

1daytrain via Hodos 

1Nighttrain in Summer :) 

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For the last 3 you have to cough up fairly expensive (IF those HiSpeedo chosen, and certainly for INTernational) supplements+REServations. These can be made lower by changing more and using local trains=takes (much) longer.

IF you watch the money in your account-and IF youre a bit flexible and wiling to take buses (these cover the sectors explained above as out of trains), its likely cheaper-and also easier to book individual advance tickets (these tie you in into those days/trains).

Also check seat61, aimed at overland travelling Brits to/fro that island in the NorthSea-it has good overviews about how to.