Tips for getting from Spain to Lisbon

  • 18 June 2021
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Hey there,


since the train service between Spain and Portugal is suspended until further notice I want to ask you guys for advices and tips how to get to Lisbon with public transport. If it is possible, we want to travel on the 16th of August from Barcelona to Lisbon. 

Thanks for your help!



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There is a local train which travels once daily from Badajoz to Entroncamento, which I’m pretty sure is still running. There’s also a local train linking Vigo and Porto, but I’m less sure about that one. Flixbus or similar would probably be easier and faster, but less exciting. In 2nd class this journey should be about €18 in reservation fees.

Timings from Barcelona are as follows:

Barcelona Sants 07:40-10:10 Madrid Atocha (R)

   Madrid Atocha 10:35-11:48 Puertollano (R)

        Puertollano 12:00-16:05 Badajoz (R)

             Badajoz 16:24-18:14 Entroncamento

  Entroncamento 18:44-20:12 Lisboa Oriente

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*Renfe are not always very dependable for listing their train times in a timely manner. The timings I’ve just listed are for an arbitrarily chosen Monday later this month, as some trains don’t seem to be listed for August yet. As such I can’t promise this will work on the day stated, but hopefully!..