Tips from veteran Eurail travelers

  • 15 January 2022
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Hello! I am considering buying Eurail passes for our upcoming trip to Europe. Will be starting in Amsterdam (boarding a river cruise there), ending the cruise in Basel Switzerland, then going to Italy. Just wanting to get any insight on ease of use, if most cities accept these for local travel as well as city to city travel. I am thinking about Basel to Zurich then to the Bernina Express into Italy (Milan, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Brescia). Would appreciate any assistance or tips from those of you who have made these treks before.  Many thanks in advance.

3 replies

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Eurail can be used in (most) local trains but not in metro, tram or bus.

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SOME of the larger cities, esp. in DE+Germany and also CH=Swiss have some urban railsystems that are run by the state train company and hence are free to use-but if you choose a pass with traveldays, its not worth that for short trips, a normal ticket will be much cheaper. About ANY large city anywhere in EUR will offer some kind of day or 24-hrs pass that can be used on most various forms of public transit-as in fact most US big towns also do. Touristy cities often also offer more expensive ´citycards´ that may also include various entries or touristy wanted things. Google is your best friend for that-or a tipical US-aimed touristy forum like tripadvisor

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Zuerich - Chur - Samedan - Pontresina - Tirano can be done with normal trains (on the same Route) no need to use the reservation compulsory Bernina Express. with luck you have on the train from Pontresina to Tirano a Cabrio Coach without any windows or roof :)