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  • 23 May 2023
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I’m organising a trip in the North of Europe on July. I  need help to organise the route Berlin-Copenaghen. I’ll leave Berlin on 25th July in the evening so I’ll arrive in Copenhagen in the morning. I have the interrail pass for 7 trains and I need to use just one day train and I want to do maximum one change. 
Do you have any suggestion? Also where can I look for trains


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6 replies

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You do not have the pass for 7 trains but for 7 days. On those days you can use as many trains as you want. As long as you board the last train before midnight, only one pass day is used.

Did you have a look at my answer in your previous thread ?

There are engineering works that week in Denmark and the schedule is not published yet, it could take some time. Night trains may or may not run. You might have to take a bus for part of the journey too.

Check back in a few days or weeks on,, (both companies operate night trains to Stockholm through Copenhagen) or

I checked in and but the tickets are not available. In I don’t how to insert my interrail pass and also one change is after midnight so it’ll count as 2 days. 

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I checked in and but the tickets are not available. In I don’t how to insert my interrail pass

You don't. You just choose "Seat only”. But is useful in general, to check timetables.

Ah ok thank you. But still the tickets are unavailable 


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Yes as told earlier, there are engineering works around your travel date so the timetable hasn't been published yet. Tickets aren't available either.

There might be buses involved for part of the journey and no night trains could run. Check back in a few days or weeks.

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As no one knows if there will be any night trains running that week due to the construction works in Denmark, you might want to consider travelling durig the day.