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  • 17 July 2021
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We are planning to travel for the first time by train. We would like to go from Dublin Ireland to Paris France. Must we travel from Ireland to England and then on to Paris, or is there a train that goes from Ireland to France?

6 replies

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As there is a little bit of water between Ireland and France you have to take a Ferry :) There used to be a direct Ferry from Rosslare to Cherbourg France and it was usable with a discount for Railpass users :) 


Option B as you said via Wales & England :)

Thanks. That’s as I suspected. Since we are new at this I think we will fly from Dublin to Paris then take the train to Italy. :smirk:

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Thanks. That’s as I suspected. Since we are new at this I think we will fly from Dublin to Paris then take the train to Italy. :smirk:

Here a link with Informations about the ferries with discount :) There are besides the Eurail discounts special Rail & Sail offers from Dublin to London and from London via Harwhich - Hoek van Holland to Amsterdam :) if you wanna include some cruises to your journey arround Europe :)

Sound maybe stupid but if Paris is not a stop of your journey maybe consider to fly directly to Italy :)

As SNCF (French Rail) charge for the HighSpeedServices reservations on top of the Railpass :/
For the direct TGV Paris - Lyon - Torino - Milan they charge up to 32€ for a seat :/

Another Route that i like is to go from Paris via Marseille/Nice and then Option A via Cuneo on the tenda route to Torino or Option B along the Coast via Ventimigliia - (Genoa) to Milan :)
From Ventimigllia goes direct IC trains (Fast Trains) to Milan or even more scenic via Cinque Terre , La Spezia to Rome along the coast
on the Route Nice - Ventimigllia you pass Monaco :)
TGV reservations within France cost (10€ per seat limited or 20€ per seat until the train is sold out)

Thank you so much for the tips! :relaxed: Paris is one of the stops we want to make. We want to of course see the Louvre and Versailles. I will keep the routes you describe along the coast in mind for our next trip. It sounds like amazing scenery! Do you know if the EURAIL would be the best way to get around in Ireland or is there a train such as the tube in London for local travel in Dublin? :thinking:

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Ireland have a own Railnetwork :) timetable can be checked perfectly at their own page
Dublin - Rosslare
Dublin - Cork
Dublin - Belfast (Northern Ireland)
are the major Routes :) with some other nice smaller routes

Within Dublin you have buses and some commuter trains (Public Transport within a City is usually not Covered by Eurailpass means you need for them a own ticket)

There are some exceptions like the S-Bahn Networks in Germany and austria as they are operated by the national railcompanies :)

Thank you so much that’s so helpful! I hope you have the most  amazing travels:blush: