Train or busses from Sofia to Thessaloniki included?

  • 14 May 2022
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Hello ! 

Are there any trains or busses included in the Global Pass that goes from Sofia (Bulgaria) to Thessaloniki (Greece) ? It would be for august.

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Sadly no :/ Trains are suspended until further Notice :/

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Hey @seewulf i checked Trainose website (with google translator) and there is a site about replacement busses on this route (or part of it) and Ticket prices. But I’m not sure if the website is up-to-date, or if this is a replacement bus (included in Interrail) or extra bus (not included) or how it works. International routes


EDIT: I revisited the website now, and the replacement bus is not more on it, but only the line on top, that none line is operated at the moment. 

Does anyone know if this train line is still suspended and whether there will be replacement buses? If so, where would we find the replacement buses and booking?

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If there are changes, there is always a very big hurray on this site and loads of postings-as happened with the overniters to ISTanbul from Sofia and BUcuresti-reinstated for summer.

MY advice is-if youre not a determined railfan-simply book yourself on a direct bus Sof-Thess-most likely the bus to use for the missing link is the very same (KUlata=border BG/GR till 1st stop in GR from where train run)-which will, only add many hrs tot total trip and maybe not even cost much less.

In front of and to the left of Sof train station are scores of small offcies for buses-many are not online.

In these parts of the world it is still very, very common,to the utter surprise of those youngies unable to survive 1 sec without fone-to just turn up and buy ticket and ask for next depart.