Train route recommendations

Hello I will be going to the following locations in august 


  1. flying into amsterdam
  2. train or plane to prague
  3. train to munich
  4. train to Zurich 
  5. fly out of Zurich


my question comes in for the trip from Amsterdam to Prague. I am hears a bunch of horror stories about the amsterdam airport but the train ride is about 9 hours and there are no night trains. I did see there was a night train from amsterdam to Munich but the couchette and sleeper cars are booked. Super bummed as we had orginally planned to fly and don’t really want to do a night train and sit in the seating area without beds. Anyone have any recommendations, I am super lost 



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It is indeed as you say-have followed news very well! So toss a coin what may make for you in your humble opinion the worst out of it.

You do NOT need a trainpass for this-if you just book on fixed dates Pr-M and M→ Z, best via, though the usual trains Pr-M named ALex have fixed price discount and NO REServ-can also buy at counter whilst in Prahy. Assuming its for aug the latest, you can even save some money by travel in DE/germany with the monthly 9€ ticket for all LOCal transit (not the direct train M-Z, yes the one from Pr), but these trains tend now to be overhelmed with standees in crush Japanese peak hour style. You may even consider a direct BUS for Pr-M ( IN DE=germany you still have to wear masks in all transit-a mask island as all around this is not so.

There used to be also some flites to PRa from another much smaller airpt in NL :EINdhoven (by TransAvia, a subsidiary of KLM, its a low-cost no frills branch), this airprt does not have the endless Q problems so much- but check yourself if these flites still do run, as many are cancelled due to giant staff shortages.  Ams-Ein is 80 mins on train + 20 on local bus.

You did not tell how much time you have for all this and if it has to be limited to it: but then I would suggest take a direct train (6 hrs) Ams-Berlin-stay there-then (quite nice ride,4 hrs whilst inside CZ) train do Prahy-and on to original plan.

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Definitely take the train from Amsterdam to Prague. Make a stopover in Berlin as dvis suggested (or if you prefer a bit a smaller city, then head to Dresden) and then enjoy the beautiful ride through Saxony Switzerland (best to sit on the left side in driving direction). 
Prague-München is clear by train (but not so spectacular). München to Zürich there’s a direct train, which is using the more boring line. The line from München via Kempten to Lindau would be way more beautiful. From Lindau you can take again a fast train to Zürich (or with 1-2 changes as well).

If you have some spare time, think about going via Innsbruck to Zürich. Use the line from München via Garmisch to Innsbruck and then from Innsbruck via Feldkirch to Zürich. This lines are going to offer some very beautiful views. Highly recommended!