Trains in Ballkans 2022. Can't find trains from Zagreb onwards

  • 13 June 2022
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We planner to go to Greece this summer through Balkans coming from France but I can't find any trains after Zagreb. Ils there any problem currently with the trains in thé Balkans ? Do you have any tips ? 

1 reply

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There we go again-uyes, you have found it right=nearly. NO trains overboder between the now now old parts of Yugoslavija (except HR-SI=Hrvatska-Slovenija) and Serbije-Ce=rna Gora (montagnes noirs).

Thus this is not 1st stumble-also again Serbije-Maced and also Maced-GR and also NOne BG-GR.

Best site to guide you if stubbornly wanting to use trains amap:

Sensible people simply book a bus through without these cumbersome hassles of using taxi or short bus in between forgotten railends.

You can go further and by train-if really wanted-via HU-RO-BG and till as far as GR border. BG also has famous beaches aiming young+drunk bekpekkers, but no islands. And very cheap flites back to this hexagone on WIZZair.