Travel from Lloret de Mar Spain to Disneyland Paris

  • 17 March 2022
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Hi! We travel to Lloret de Mar next month. We are surprising our kids with a trip to Disneyland Paris starting April 20. Is there a good route for us to take on a high speed train? We have reservations at 6 pm at Disneyland on the 20th. Thanks! 

2 replies

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easyiest way would be
Blanes - Girona - Paris :) but here you have to pay for the expensive International TGV reservation

Route B would be Blanes - Port Bou/Cerbere - Perpignan - Paris :) this way you just have one domestic TGV reservation :)

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Lloret has no estacion-Blanes is closest by, but there is NOt really a good busline to it-the frequent main busline is direct to Barcelona (Cat-express). You had much better look for a possible direct bus to Perpignan or so in south-France to get on the train there. Or if money is no object-a taxi to theVilafont/Figueras hi-speed AVE/TGV stop.

Note that the distance is some 800 kms- not that short for a short visit!

Depending on the actual day it may even be much cheaper for a plane ticket as just the SUrcharge for the hi-speed train-Girona has many low-cost flites by that awful RyanAir.