Travel plans: How many countries with a 7days Pass?

  • 30 April 2022
  • 2 replies

I would like to travel to Greece via Paris, Nice, Rome, Bari then ferry to Greece in 7 days - is this too much to try and fit in? I have not done Inter rail before. 

2 replies

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Within one week, that's a bit much, I'd say, especially if you want to have time to look around.

If you mean using 7 travel days over a longer period, that should work.

Make a planning with timetables to get from one place to another and then see how much you can or want to fit in.

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IF you plan sharply (and have luck with getting it!) and you take a normal discount ferry then you could do it from UK on 2 traveldays this way-which I really think should not be too much of a challenge to find out for a student used to do some research.

Coming also back this way needs an extra day-due to how the overnight trains fit in the scheme

And its all as rian already tells: decide which stops en-route you wish to do. For the 2 days its only Nice-or close by. Those IT ferryports (Bari, Brindisi) are not really worth more as the few hrs anyone sits there waiting for the boat.