Traveling Around Europe, (Bullet Trains)

  • 10 June 2022
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Hello been looking around the site and looks like ill get the Global Pass for 7 days. I will be spending a month in Europe. 1 week with family in France then 1 week in Spain( Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebsatian), then one week Italy (Rome, Florence,Venice) then back to france and I fly to Norway for a week,

Main question are the high speed trains included in the pass since I would like the shortest travel times and wouldnt want to be stuck on a standard train.

1 reply

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The “bullet trains” can be taken with the Railpass but need ontop a Reservation the price depends on the route
Reservation within Spain are difficult to book price is arround 15€ per person/train
Reservation within Italy cost 10€per person/train
Reservation within France cost 10€/20€ € per train/person

International Highspeed trains like Paris - Milan or Paris - Barcelona can be more expensive :/

What is finally the best option for you is difficult to say. You may do the math and compare then.