Traveling the soutwest coast of England

  • 2 August 2022
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Planning on traveling in the UK (9/14/2022) from London to Liverpool, around Yorkshire, over to Ireland and then back going along the Southwest coast to Penzance (for a play at the Minack on 9/29/2022) then finally back to London. (If we have time we’ll shoot over to Amsterdam for a couple days at the end of our trip.)  Will our Global Europass be sufficient or do we need a Britrail pass as well? Hoping not to have to buy both. I have tried mapping it on line and Penzance does not even come up as a choice. Also hoping to use the ferry to Ireland but not sure if I can with the Eurail global pass. Any help would be appreciated. We’re getting close to our departure time. Thanks. 

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This is indeed a well-known main line running so close to the coast in some places it has to be closed for trains when heavy storms come. Line ends in Penzance, the land ends at, well: Lands End! You can get there by occasional (payable) =local bus. There are also a few local branch lines with varying degree of service from this line-some go as far as to the other coast.

Since a few yrs the GLOBal EUrail pass is ALSO valid in GB (this used to be not the case before, so there is no extra epxense). there IS extra expense-and also heavy demand=few seats for passholders, on the €* LON-Continent, so that would be wise to preplan. But IF you only plan to travel IN GB-and perhaps that side trip, then BritRail might be cheaper-or not.
In GB all daytime trains run without any mandatory RES-there is also an overnite LON-Cornwall, with sleepers and seats, this has to be REserved (Great Western trains). 

The maps on the general site are often too sketchy or incomplete-google yourself, perhaps that GWR has better info.