Travelling with a Global Pass and One Country Pass

  • 20 November 2022
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So my name is Katherine and I planned to start my journey at the end of January. I won a Global pass last year and my question is, if it is possible for me to buy an one country pass extra for traveling in Italy  whilst using my actual pass for the other countries because I planned my most stops in Italy. 


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3 replies

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An sich sehr gut möglich-ob es dan auch am besten/günstigsten ist-kann sein/oder nicht. Das ist je nach Wunschroute.

Wie das sich händelt mit mehere zugleich geltende Pässe auf 1 fone-wenigstens soll Vorsicht geboten sein, habe selber 0 Erfahrung damit.

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Do check normal fares in Italy and compare with pass + reservation fees. Especially regional trains are quite cheap.

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You can have as many passes as you want at any one time, but others may know of better options including Trenitalia’s own offer.