Trip from Slovakia to Serbia

  • 12 October 2023
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Hi there !


This is the first time I am using Interrail: 


I want to travel from Bratislava, Slovakia to Beograd, Serbia 

When trying to find the route in the app planner, I can’t find this trip

Does it mean my pass (5 days global) will not allow me to do this one? Or is there any trick so I can keep my plan as I was supposed to?


I have the same issue for the next trip I had planned, which is from Beograde to Sofia, Bulgaria


It seems Beograde is not available on the app planner, while the website shows the train station of the city as available 


Thanks for your help !



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There is no international train to/from Serbia. This is due to engineering works on the Budapest - Belgrade railway + political tensions and lack of investment elsewhere.

You’ll have to take a bus from Budapest or Szeged to Belgrade + one between Belgrade and Sofia (not included).

The railway alternative would be to go via Romania.

More useful information here :