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  • 30 October 2021
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Why am I not able to add certain stations to my itinerary using the Trip Planner>  For example, I cannot add Tours, France as my next destination within y itinerary from Barcelona, Spain?  The closest I can get is Le Mans?


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5 replies

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Maybe update your App. I have no problem with adding Tours :/ Worst case you can select at the bottom “Add it maually :)

Thanks for your reply.  I will do that. My app is three years old.

Couldn’t add it manually either. Tours is one of several small town I have been unable to add to the itinerary.

I was trying it on line in the Trip Planner

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ahh sorry i assumed you have problems to add the Journey on the App :D

For just trip Planning i prefer the offical apps of the Countries it self (as Tripplanner and Railplanner get less updates) or atleast “DB Navigator” (German Rail), Scotty (Austrian Rail) or Muj Vlak (Czech Rail) as these cover most european Countries and in case of the Czech App even works offline (if you download within the app the timetables :D)

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Hi @Thomas Thickel, in the trip planner it is not yet possible to add all cities as it is not connected to the same database as our timetable planner on the web and in the App. We are planning to integrate the timetable data with trip planner data next year, so that it will show all the cities and villages shown in our timetable.
So the fact that you cannot add Tours to the trip planner, does not mean you cannot get there by train and/or that it is not covered by our Pass. You can use our timetable to plan your journeys.