Visp to Frankfurt

  • 21 August 2023
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I’m trying to get the IC6 train on Sept 10, from Visp to Frankfurt at around 2pm.  I see it in Google, but not in the Eurail app or web schedule.  Is the IC6 out of the eurail network?


Thx for any help.  


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No, but the app is probably not updated with the right time due to some construction works or another issue. Sometimes the app shows the fastest connection and omits slower trains/options.

Eurail/Interrail validity works by company, not by specific trains.

In doubt, only use (and trust on) a reliable planner like or

By the time you’ll travel, it’ll probably been updated with the correct information.

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Google wouldn’t be my first choice for schedules.

The Swiss route numbers are in addition to train numbers and it is the latter that most external systems show.

IC6 is the 13.57 Visp - Basel SBB IC 974 which the Interrail planner does show with connections to Frankfurt.

If it is the direct train to Frankfurt you want this is the EC 52 at 13.27 from Visp.

Thanks y’all, super helpful.  I understand now.