Walking from Haparanda to Tornio bus station with luggage in December?

  • 6 September 2022
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Me and my mom are planning to go to Rovaniemi from Kiruna via Haparanda-Tornio bus station in December. Can anyone suggest the best way for us?

  • Is it possible not to stay overnight in Kemi?
  • Is it possible to walking from Haparanda to Tornio bus station with large luggage in December? How long does it take?
  • What are the Timetable and fare for bus from Tornio to Rovaniemi in December 2022?

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3 replies

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Sawasdee khrap, nong chai. Mee nah naow mahk mahk lae go mee dam-dam took wan.

Hello, young brother, it is very cold there and no light-only dark all day.

It will depend when in dec-somewhere half most times etc change-not often very much. Around Xmas etc there may be no train/bus at all or much less.

As the nr of trains (rot fay) from Kiruna-east is very limited, and on some times its only the overnite train from Narvik to STOckholm-this means you cannot do early start to make all connections. You have to change Boden-Haparanda (Haappaaranttaa in /fi/)-Kemi- Kemijärvi. There is an other same item just above asking also about walking. In fact it was the idea that the still new bus/trainstation in Hap. is on the border (no checks, its all Schengen area)-and that the finnish buses should also serve it. I do not know if that has come that way, I have also read a new road needs to be built fi side for that.

In FI they use € for money-and often you can only pay with bank/creditcard on buses. But the trip is not that long (I think about 20/25 kms) that should be -rough estimate-about 5€. SOME of the buses accept railpass. Tang from the tanakarn? (money from the bank). In SE=Sweden they still use SEK=korun, but most often you cannot pay with real money, only with card.

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Lae go-tee song-and now part 2.

As I sit a bit bored waiting here I checked myself-via sites. In fact I myself have done that trip many years ago as on my first long trip to/via Scandinavia-then it was on a ScanRail Pass (that is no more) and could all be done by train.

Later this evening I also plan to take train to go to Sverige. Now in the Yoor-man.

Tornio has NO real busstation-it is just a stop in centre town there the bus to Kemi starts (and ends opposite side), a leafy road with a kind of park/green in the middle, Puutaharkatu (katu=street). The bus runs about ev hour WEEKdays but none from sat/midday till SUN-early PM-so avoid those days. The trip takes about 40 mins and cost 7€/single, pay only with card. There are 2 companies: Orajarva and Jussila. In Kemi bus/train are adjacent. See also

Tornio also has a kind of citybus, but this does not serve the Swedish train/busstation, which is near a giant IKEA (IKEA always has a cheap restrt if you need to wait and its cold).

Acc to googlemaps the distance from SE/st till that stop is about 1 KM. I do not know you, so I cannot say if that is do-able. I know Thai people hardly ever walk but taximeters are very cheap (for us), but certainly not here in FI.

There are now a few more local trains (norrbottentrafiken) from Kiruna, but it seems IMpossible to do whole trip in 1 day-even if you exchange train for bus on some sector (have to pay for bus, not for train  with pass). From Boden to Hap. the service is some trains (since only a short time come back) and bus-not that many. As you have to stay overnight some place anyway-use and see what it cost/where. In the past Boden was a kind of ´restricted area´ as it is/was a main military base (taahaarn), but I dont know if that is still the case. If yes-you cannot stay overnite as farang (for them, 555).

Choke dee duay, khrap.

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I would not recommend walking from Haparanda station to Tornio bus station in mid winter with a lot of luggage. The distance is about 5 kilometers and it should according to google maps take about 1 hour to walk. That would be in the summer and without luggage. 

It can be quite some snow and quite cold in that part of Sweden and Finnland at that time of the year.. The average temperature in January in Haparanda is -10 degrees Celsius.