Walking from Haparanda Tornio bus station to Uusi silta I

  • 4 January 2023
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I am planning to travel from Haparanda to Kemi and planned to take a bus no.8 at Uusi silta to Kemi

Is it possible to walk from Haparanda Tornio bus station to Uusi silta with large luggage in January?
If not by walking, Is there any taxi around and how much would it cost? Or any suggest route?



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Sawasdee phimai, bank chay. 2566 for you-but do not use that on the fone for the pass.

Did not you ask this also some time ago? I kind of recall that there was also another busstop a little closer by-in the main street in Tor-with the double lanes and green in the middle. Also note NO bus from around noon SAT till noon SUN.

It will all for a big part depend on how snowy it is then-noone can predict that in these yrs anymore. I assume you are not used to that white stuff, heema, at all.

From what I recall in those smaller towns way up north in very expensive countries with super-high wages there is hardly anyone just waiting for some one to perhaps turn up-all these things are done via an app-uber, bolt or the like. Check that for tomorrow or so.

Nearly all those FI small towns are laid out in US-style blocks-as the map also shows, so you should not really get lost and it hardly matter if you go via A or B.

Yes, on Svenska siden combo bus/train is right beside border-a a giant IKEA (always good for cheap meals or cf).

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We too are travelling through here in a few weeks time-but arriving by train from Boden which will be a 30 minute walk to the bus stop in Tornio to go to Kemi according to Google Maps. There are a few buses a day from the train station to Haparanda bus station which I’m hoping meet the train arrivals from Boden. A detour to IKEA for meatballs will be hard to resist at that point! 

I see that there are buses between Tornio and Kemi that are free for Interrail pass holders.

And following the link on that page took me to the timetables and maps of bus stops for the bus to Kemi. 

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Usually both buses the buses from Lulea to Happaranda and the buses Tornio to Kemi departed from the same bus station just next of Ikea :) as the bus station is almost on the border :)

When i was there 2019 i had a short Customs check of the Finish Border Patrol :)

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Usually both buses the buses from Lulea to Happaranda and the buses Tornio to Kemi departed from the same bus station just next of Ikea 🙂 as the bus station is almost on the border :)

There are still some Finnish buses that don't go to the common bus station on the border but stay in Tornio.

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An update from our journey between Boden and Kemi this week. The 11.51 train (there is only that and another at 17.13 or an earlier one at 5.55) was cancelled with little notice and no bus replacement. We jumped on the next bus to Lulea and then waited for the next bus to Haparanda (very slow but free with Interrail pass). This of course meant that we had long missed the last bus of the day at 16.03 to Kemi. It was -15c at Haparanda (the bus station opposite IKEA). We phoned for a taxi to Kemi (€70) which took less than 30 minutes to do the journey. By then it was -20c and Kemi railway station was completely closed up. But we got the 19.17 train to Oulu and our hotel for the night. This train was marked as ‘Seat reservations required’ on the planner-we didn’t have seat reservations but by the time the ticket inspector found us we were in the restaurant car tucking into meatballs and mashed potatoes and beers! 
It was always going to be a fragile day’s arrangements. Just feeding back in case anyone else finds themselves in Haparanda having missed the last bus. 

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Seats reservations are optional in Finnish trains, including this one. The rail planner app is wrong.

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The rail planner only marks Finnish night trains as ‘Seat Reservations required’. All others are not marked as such. 
However on the VR app some trains eg on a Sunday afternoon back to Helsinki quickly become fully booked and without a reservation you cannot board. Where this happened we made a reservation for an earlier train-which was indeed also full by the time we boarded it.