We want to travel from Östersund (SE) to Trondheim (NO)


We are wondering how to go from Östersund(SE)  to Trondheim (NO). In the interrail app you don't see quick options to travel between these cities. Nevertheless, we have realized that taking trains from Östersund to Storlien (Sweden) and Storlien (Norway) to Trondheim separately, the trip does not take more than 4 hours. Has anyone done this route? Do Storlien (Sweden) and Storlien (Norway) are the same train Station?

Does anyone recommend how to cross between the two countries?

Thank you very much!

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When do you want to travel?

We’ll travel in August

We’ll travel in August

There’s electrification going on on the norwegian side. 

There are days in august when all trains are running (weekdays), days / times with bus replacement service (saturdays 14.00 to 21.10 and sundays 7.50 to 15.00). 

Normally, there are three possible connections per day on this route.

Storlien is the border station (still in Sweden). So both stations are the same.

Thank you very much Hektor, 

You have been really helpful. We are planning our trip, that’s why we don’t know the specific day yet. Probably it will be on August 4th, in any case before the August 20th.

Best regard!



To give you an idea:  August 4th:

Östersund C departing 7.22 / 16.32

Trondheim S arriving 11.04 / 20.28

Where I can check the connections?

I would like to go the other way around from Trondheim to Östersund in mid of October. Neither interrail or google maps find any result.



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Have you checked at sj.se?

Hi Anna, 

Thank you for the reply. 

If I enter on sj.se Trondheim östersund directly, no results.

But if I enter östersund - Storlien, results come up.


After that I visited the norwegian railway

Vo.ny and searched for Trondheim - Storlien, and see the results...


Somebody should understand that. There is an urgent need for the interrail app to find this connection.

Likewise, you can only find östersund in the app if you enter östersund. Usually you you use oestersund to replace the ö

And the search ostersund - Gällivare even with ga comes up with nothing and that although on the interrail map as a pdf file indicated up to the north.

Is there any way to report this to the support?

By the way, Norway routes can be found a maximum of 60 days in advance, which is also a bit of a hindrance.


Thanks for the help with SJ.se.

It is gallivare.. What a logic..damn, but it lute you to take the route via the coast... Which I don't want. And the train station jokkmokk is not to find via the app... And i have no idea how to search that city lol.


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@Carsten You can report issue to Customer Support through this form. 



thanks a lot !