Whole Germany for just 9€ (on regionaltrains) in June/July/August.

  • 22 May 2022
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Germans goverment try to convince the Citizen of Germany to use more public transport. Because of that they started a quite unique offer. 

The “9€ Ticket” (per month) in the months June,July,August you can get for 9€ a ticket this is valid on all regionaltrains (no ICE,ECE,IC,EC,Flixtrain,Snälltoget), public bus services (no Flixbus,Pinkbus), trams, metro in 2nd class.
You can use the 9€ticket for example for daytrips from

Berlin to Potsdam, explore Berlin with the touristic buslines 100,200,300 :) , have a nice ferry ride on the “Wansee” from Wansee to Kladow.

Munich a daytrip to Dachau, Salzburg,Kufstein,Berchtesgarden,NeuSchwarnstein Castle

And many many more destinations.

For the Railfans here in this community just note that even some NarrowGauge Rails like the “Harzer Schmalspurbahnen” decided to accept the 9€ ticket.

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You can use it on ANY local bus/tram/metro (U-bahn) and in Hamburg=Hafenstadt=port even on some ´ferries´=nice boats that go over the river and can be used for sightseeing. It is indeed a MONTH ticket so not for just 1 day (and even then if would be unbelieveable cheap). You can use it to fill shorter gaps between points or just to reach hoStel in town etc. Valid till last that of THAT month=time varies from 31 to 1 day depending on when you buy. Very easy from DB-ticket machines, but have to WRITE name on it-its strictly personal.

Gigantic overcrowding is feared-asp. in the mountain/Alps areas and to the seaside places along the coast. The site of DB went down as soon as it opened-but fears that will śell out´ is again as so often nonsense.