1st class IR ticket on Renfe?

  • 18 April 2022
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Hi All!

I bought a 1st class interrail ticket. I’m going to travel in Spain and Portugal. There seem to be several

“classes” on Spanish trains: Billete  Basico (standard seat), Billete Elige (standard seat or Confort XL)

or Billete Premium (Confort XL).

Which class and seat am I entitled to with my 1st class interrail ticket? The seat reservation (only available at stations) seems to cost 23,50 euros on AVE and ALVIA trains.

And the same question for Portugal with AP and IC trains.

Looking forward to your replies.


Kimmo from Finland


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I don't really know what these new names mean in Spain, only a few years after they had changed to Turista, Preferente and Comfort (IIRC).

If you paid €23.50, then a drink and meal should be included:

In Portugal, CP seems to use the normal 1st/2ncd class distinction.

German railways (DB) can also make reservations for Spain, but only at the ticket office or via phone (+49 30 2970, collect at DB ticket office or by post for € 5.90) and you need to know the train number, since they can't always look that up themselves (because Spanish railways don't share all of their timetables).

Also take into account that many timetable planners are very incomplete for Spain. The RENFE website is complete (but it is terrible) and seems to be complete for long Spanish distance trains.

Thanks for your prompt reply rvdborgt!

€ 23,50 would be a tough sum without a meal!

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The names you use are for types of ticket-a bit like those budget airlines also have-ahout how much-easy you can change after buying. It now seems to depend on what train type it is what names they use for the ´classes´

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I used a 1st class pass in Spain in 2015. We never had to pay 23.50, probably because there were no meals included on the trains we used. The most expensive reservation was 10€ IIRC.