2nd class pass - 1st class reservation

  • 17 December 2021
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I bought a second class pass for 4 days. Travelling from Copenhagen to Stockholm is one of my journeys. This journey, however, requires a reservation. I tried doing this via SJ‘s website and it actually works. The thing is that the 2nd class reservation costs 69kr but right next to it there’s the option to choose first class for 140kr which sounds really tempting. Since I had to provide my Interrail pass number in the process I’m wondering if I can make the 1st class reservation and take that train (with my 2nd class pass)? 
Do you think that’s possible or shouldn’t I even had the option to choose a first class reservation?





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3 replies

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In addition to a first class reservation, you will need to pay the difference between 2nd and 1st class, if SJ at all allows this.

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ANYwhere any train in EUR there is ticket and -if needed, often not, REServation. In SE all long-distance trains require reservations. REServations are extra and are always based on the undelrying ticket class. Its higher in SE (f.e. in Germany its same price) as over there 1st also gives you some free food snippets and free cf or OJ.

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Hi Andrej, rvdborgt is right. I recommend you to ask SJ directly, to be sure, before booking.