7 minute gap between trains in Mannheim

  • 19 June 2022
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We have a train change in Mannheim with only 7 minutes.  How do we find out what track our next train is on before we even get off?  We have Eurail passes and are going to Interlaken from Munich.  Thank you!

4 replies


Just search your connection and you'll get the info right now.     

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1.this will be announced In the train-verbal in german and on screen, assuming its an ICE (fast sleek white long-distance). Most often its same platf/other side (in theory) This applies to about any newer style train anywhere in EUR nowadays-the fruits of modern IT

2.dont worry-you will miss it, DB is awful in timekeeping and it gets worse by the week and the line south of FRankfurt to MH is currently under rebuild and trains are rerouted via longer bypass and this is not in the timings-they lacked the people with knowledge to do that!

Now the nice thing: this is so common in DE that IN train there will be ALTernat announcement to contniue and IN all main stations are help-posts to really help you out with planning and whattodonow-just Q up.

However-this is a rather strange and roundabout route-From IL to M thr normal route is van Zürich and change there-will also take less time. Much mor scenic too as just soundwalls beside hi-speed

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Yeah i second the suggestion of @mcadv  to take the route via Zürich as you will have a more scenic route.

Interlaken - Bern - Zürich - München :)

Thanks All, you’ve been really helpful!