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  • 14 November 2021
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Hi, I’m Germano

I would like to make a 4-day pass (30/12 - 2/01) in 1 month only first class tickets for 3 night trains: (Venice - Vienna; Vienna - Berlin and Berlin - Zurich) and 2 regular trains (Milan - Venice; 30/12 and Zurich-Milan; 2/01)
If I do this type of pass, can I book any seat on any train (of Trenitalia railway company for regular trains and of OBB nightjet railway company for night trains) in those 4 days? even seats with couchettes or beds?

Thanks for the availability


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Please note that in the Nightjets of OBB there is no difference in Travelclasses (this means you can book even with a 2nd Class Pass all Couchette or Sleeper offer :) ) The reservations for Nightjet´s starts from 14€ for a Seat up to 150€ for a private Single Sleeper Compartment with private WC/Shower :)

You can reserve the Nightjet directly via :) Here a manual how to Reserve Nightjets with a Railpass

Here just one Nighttrain with reservation fee examples Price Overview

I suggest to have a look for special fares (Saver Fares) as these workout mosttimes cheaper :) (Note that there exist a direct Nighttrain from Milan to Vienna :) )