Aix en Provence to Barcelona - who runs the direct train?

  • 7 August 2022
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Does anyone know who runs the direct train from Aix en Provence to Barcelona? I have purchased a reservation and have a paper ticket and have looked on SNCF and Renfe and searched online and can’t find the train anywhere. I just want to check it’s running and on time but now worried it doesn’t even exist?! Thanks very much 


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4 replies

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So what do you want us to do? Verify the existence of a train at an unknown time on an unknown date?

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A simple check on trainline shows that the train is operated by Renfe-SNCF as a collaboration. Trainline shows both the direct service and a number of services with connections.

Any good planning service should show your train, once you put in correct date and approx time into their search. Note interrails  own planner is not the best as it is only updated infrequently.

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If it will be on time they will only-if at all (not likely in fact) be able to show when it has started running from the stops before.

NOTE: this MAY cause the mayhem; AeP does NOT have any direct train to Bcn-maybe you confuse with Avignon-not too far away?

AePr has an hourly local train to Marseille, and M has a very few (Maybe 1?) direct to Bcn. A few more-depending on time of yr from AVi-but that has 2 stations quite far apart-the fast TGV/AVE mostly use the faroutoftown along the fast line.

There are a very few direct BUSes-payable and not cheap-AePr->Av/TGV. Check locally-

There are besides the trains many more and used by those in the know BUSes AePr->Mars, the bus and train there are combined big station. These (reseau 13) are very cheap for juniors.

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OEBB are showing one direct train per day at 0818 as an AVE. There are several with 1 or 2 connections,