Amsterdam to Bruges. What is the best option?

  • 12 July 2022
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We're a family of 4 planning on going Amsterdam → Bruges on the 26th of July, sometime late morning or early afternoon. After looking on Eurail, we essentially have two options: Thalys or IC.

  1. Thalys to Brussels, IC to Bruges USD $94
  2. IC to Brussels, separate IC to Bruges (no reservation)

Although slower, obviously number 2 seems to be the better option. But I'm concerned if there will be space on this train, as it's peak summer season and I’ve been told to reserve seats wherever I can. Obviously I'd hate to stand for 4 hours.

2 replies

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Late morning on a weekday, I’d expect there to be plenty of space on those IC services. Obviously nobody can 100% guarantee it won’t be very busy but it is the option I’d take for that journey. Arrive in good time at Amsterdam Centraal and you’ll be fine.


A tip for unreserved trains, people are lazy and will crowd the nearest carriages to the platform entrance, move down the train and it can often be much quieter.

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Can probably do for less-and no need to go via Brussel-change Antwerpen-and have some time to admire this beautiful classic station named´ railway cathedral´.

Also note that the not known so much city of Gent=20 mins before Brugge, has the same assortment of old houses/canals etc but is much less touristy and also more of a living normal student/uni bigger town.

Book at least 7 days advance, via nsinternational, single TO there and back-then you get lower price. There is not even need to use specific train. In fact summer is more quiet on local trains-plus that even IF (the IC stops 12 mins after dep. Ams at AMS-airport-when a load of people will get off) you can find no seat-there will be after next stop, not 4 hrs. Its like 2hr to Ant, then 1 hr 20 mins to B. You can also break on the way-so may get off at G and if you do not like it-go on and compare!

And if you do not come back same day and do more longer train trips-check  3 day pass as 1country-but covers 3: Nederland/Belgium/LUxemburg.

However-do check times again 2-3 days before, as mostly weekends there may be works on the line=other timings. This happens quite often. Selamat jalan di kerata api, lah!