Are you guaranteed a seat if you have a eurail pass?

  • 7 June 2022
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Are you guaranteed a seat if you have a eurail pass?  I bought this not realizing seat reservations are required for my itinerary for Spain and it is only allowing me to reserve in person.  I am afraid I will not get a seat since I only arrive two days before I travel on the train.


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Two days in advance is usually OK in Spain.

Check this post for other possibilities to book Spanish domestic trains.

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Are you guaranteed a seat if you have a eurail pass?  

No, you are not guaranteed a seat if you have a eurail pass.

Some trains, as you already know, have mandatory seat reservations, some trains have optional reservations and some trains are not possible to make reservations for. 

Depending on where and when you travel if can be wise to also make reservations on trains with optional reservation.

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In ESpana ALL trains in practice need to be reserved. But each&every newbee here seems to want to ride exactly the trains that are so hugely populair due to this, that in hi-season/summer RENFE tells them its ´full´=completo. The main bottleneck is the long-dist Barca-Andalucia. You can still do this ride ev hour with a change in Madrid-but then you need 2 Reservaciones and more time.

ESpana always comes out by far as very worst country to use a pass in. Other forums simply advice against it at all.

And again: yes, telling plans would have got you a better answer.