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  • 13 September 2023
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I’m traveling from Barcelona to Seville on Nov 30, 2023 and I’m pleased to see that now I can book AVE trains on the Eurail site.  This journey can be completed with a leg from Barcelona to Madrid and then from Madrid to Seville, which is two separate journeys.  A few weeks I noticed that an AVE 3940 train runs at 7:32 direct from Barcelona to Seville, but the available dates do not coincide with AVE trains for the 2-leg journey.  A few weeks ago, the direct seemed to be available 45 days from the present date, but now it looks like it may have been discontinued after mid-October.  I don’t mind paying double, but it would be nice to do the journey on a direct train rather than transfer at Atocha.  I’m afraid I may wait for the direct train to be available on my date to no avail.  Any insight on this would be appreciated.   Thank you!


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30th November is a Thursday, so unlikely to be sold out anytime soon. I would check from time to time if it becomes available and if it doesn’t happen until mid November, then just book the one with a change in Atocha. Renfe often opens sales only a few weeks in advance…

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It seems to be a seasonal train yes. All planners show it as running only until 16th October.

You could wait and see a bit : AVE trains won't sell out far in advance anyway, especially not in November on a busy mainline with multiple trains.