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  • 28 October 2022
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I’ll be arriving in Bari on the ferry from Greece on Sunday at, theoretically, 0900hrs. The ferry is often late though so I don’t know which Bari to Rimini train to reserve. My question is, “how likely are they to run out of Interrail reservations?”


Some of the trains are 5 Euro reservations and some are 12 Euros.


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No-IF done other way, via the sneeky bypass of, it is 3€ for the IC-these tend to run about ev 2 hrs along that adriatic coast-and on to Milano most. FRecce trains cost 10- the 2€ extra is a fee for EUrail-app. You can also do that for these prices at the local counter. Chance that you will be told ´all completo´ is near zil/nil. Plus you can in theory even go-with more changes, along by using local=regionale treni. EXCept when that SUN is the last day of an IT holiday (I dk when these are).

Best strategy for most is to book a later train and if arr ontime/early, go to desk and try for an exchange (these should be possible in theory at least). Fro memory: Bari is not an attractive town and the ferry also dock far away from centre/train

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Additionally, there is no separate quota for pass holders in Italian domestic trains. Pass holder seats can be booked until the train is full.


All went well - in light of the comments received I just waited until I got to the station and bought the reservation there for the next train. It might have been due to the clocks changing overnight but the ferry was early and I was on land 10 minutes before the ferry was due to arrive.

Incidentally, although there is a bus, I walked from ferry to station and it was about 30 minutes. Bari seemed a nice town to me - but of course I just saw the old town and the shopping areas. 

Hi, I'm on the ferry from Patras to Bari and I am intending to get the train up to Rimini after staying in Bari for a couple of days. Any recommendations for Bari? 


Hi. No particular guidance to give as I’ve never stayed there but fyi, it’s a pleasant walk through the old town, through the more modern shopping area to the main station. There’s also a small bus that runs a similar route and the app, Moovit seems to have the times of it accurately.

Rimini was a real positive surprise to me - long beach promenade as expected but plus a surprise proper old town area running to the river.