Booked seat only reservations. Now what?

  • 21 August 2023
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Thanks in advance for always being helpful.   I have booked seat only reservations through DB and OBB directly for trains from Berlin to Prague,  Munich to Salzburg and Salzburg to Zurich.     Now I’m confused as to how to find our seats on these trains.   I have receipts but they don’t list seats.  Should they?   I need to activate my Eurail pass and then add the train to our tickets I believe but then what?  Any help with walking me through the process step by step would help ease this travel anxiety prone traveler!


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3 replies

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Seat reservations and app are totally separate.

Regarding the seat reservations there should be a carriage and seat number written somewhere, maybe in German.

Now to get your "ticket" for the ride you need to activate the pass and log the train onto the app. This can be done at any time prior to boarding by looking at your connection. No need to do that in advance.

Thank you.   So I did look again and was able to translate the following:

2 seats, 1st class, Wg. 262, Pl. 31 33, 1 window, 1 aisle, large room, non-smoking,

So does this mean Train car #262?   Seats 31 and 33?  

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Yes, exactly.

Wg. stands for Waggon = Car

Pl. For Platz = seat 

Safe Trip!