Booking a paper ticket not possible

  • 9 August 2021
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I want to book a paper ticket from Valence TGV to Barcelona on 21st of August. If I want to try it, I receive a notification that the ticket will not arrive in time and that I have to go to an European train station. I went to Amsterdam Centraal and they said at the international office that they do not sell tickets from France to Spain. I've added the notification in Dutch below.


How can I still make the reservation for this trip? Interesting to note is that I ordered another paper ticket and I received this within a week. So if this is the average speed of the delivery of the paper tickets, my ticket would still be arriving in time before I will leave… However, the website does not allow me to take the risk and order the paper ticket anyway.




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5 replies

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Hi, you can make the reservation locally at the train station. Some alternative options you could try, are mentioned in the following thread:  


Will there be a risk that the train is fully booked if we arrive at the local train station?

And the link unfortunately doesn’t work..

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Thanks for flagging. The link has been adjusted. That is a possibility, as the TGV only has limited seats available for Eurail and Interrail Pass holders. If not available, you can search for a connection that does not require a reservation (but do take longer usually). In the App, you can select '’no reservations needed'’ to see these options. 

Barcelona - Valencia 
They send you to Madrid and back. But there are a lot of trains direct! Quick; reservation need, local: free! But less quick.