Booking a seat reservation for a "ready to board" train to be guaranteed a seat

  • 20 May 2022
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Hi. I would like to book seat reservations for the trains from Hamburg Hbh to Verona. Bound for the 5th of August 2022 at 22:12, via München (arriving at 06.04 and leaving at 07.34) for Verona Porta Nuova at 13.26 on the 6th of August. 


On the Eurail website it says that this trip is included in the interrail pass and that I don’t need seat reservations for any of the trains. However, I would like to be guaranteed a seat. 


On the first train (Hamburg to München) I can book a seat via Eurail, but for the next train it says it is unavailable (perhaps because pass holders seats are sold out). 


If I go to Deutsche Bahn I can book seats for the whole trip. My questions is therefore, if I can use these seat reservations for both trains? Or if I will be given a fine/taken of the train on the second train (München to Verona) if the pass holder seats are sold out? 


Thank you so much for your help!


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There is no quota for pass holders on the Italian trains so everything if fine for you to book the seats at Deutsche Bahn using the "seat only" option.

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NOTE: ON these through trains DE-AT-IT there is a fixed SUPPLmt of 10€ to pay-if you buy it before in AT then they can include for free the SEAT REServ-You can try if DB (=the main train operator of very late trains) also can do that. Then you have to visit a Reisecenter and Q up.

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You can reserve seats via seat only option of (4€ for both trains), but if you have a to pay for the Eurocity in Italy 10€ fee (except for Interrail German Rail Pass, they have not to pay this). You can pay this also on board of the train for the same price or online at - one way ticket - 1x adult: discount Interrail/Eurail Global Pass. You can reserve also via ÖBB the seats, but there you pay 3€/train.