Booking a trip to Barcelona from Paris

  • 5 November 2021
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In planning for my trip, I am trying to purchase a train ticket from Paris to Barcelona on this upcoming Wednesday. The train schedules were not yet available when i booked my vacation, but I saw that the trains were fairly consistent. I went back to purchase tickets today and am not finding any available and am now unsure what pass to buy and the schedule will not come up. Can someone please help? Is there a phone number I can call?


Thank you so much!!


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Because of engineering works in the south of France, there are no TGVs running from France to Barcelona between 10-14 November. It may be possible to find connections via:

  1. Hendaye/Irún
  2. Latour-de-Carol (nice route but takes a lot longer)
  3. Perpignan, Port-Bou and then a regional train to Barcelona

Unfortunately, Spanish railways do not send all of their timetables to the European Timetable Centre, so the Interrail app is incomplete for Spain (Port-Bou - Barcelona + Latour-de-Carol - Barcelona are missing).

Portbou - Barcelona can be looked up in this RENFE planner.

Latour-de-Carol - Barcelona can be looked up in this RENFE planner.

(Please note that RENFE often use “La Tor de Querol” instead of "Latour-de-Carol”)

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