Booking nighttrain Bern to Ljubljana - not bookable

Hi there,

I would like to book the night train from Bern to Ljubljana on the 10th of September (19.31-08.13).

I was looking at the website for the railway in Switserland and found the trip, however it gave the following warning: 

  • This connection is not bookable online. Private customers can book this connection at the SBB Contact Center 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min) or at the SBB Travel Center. SBB business customers (B2B) can complete the booking by filling in this form.

Does this mean that I really need to call to make a reservation? Or is there another way to book this ticket in advance (assuming the SBB Travel Center is on site).

Thanks in advance for the help!


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There is no night train from Bern to Ljubljana (have a look at your connection).

You may book the night train online here: Angebote und Tickets (

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This train as such does not exist-its starts Züri.

IF you had taken the odd minute to find the other advice from seewulf on howtodoit on your own-then you would have saved the time to ask again what dozens of others have also asked before, Plus that I somehow even think you have been told that before in other question

annaB fra Sverige does hardly anything else as giving links to it every day/hour

Thanks for the quick reply Hektor an Mcadv!

I understand that there is a stop in Zurich, I could have specified that, my bad! My question was more about the warning, but I think I've managed it, thank you!

I also understand your frustration, Mcadv, when it comes to the same question being asked. However, I was sure to search for the answer first but simply couldn't find it. It is also unfair to assume that I have already asked this question before since I am new here and, in fact, have not done so. This is only my second day here on the forum. Thanks for your understanding!