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Does it matter that I can’t book on the Eurail pass site and therefore can’t see the trips on my pass app? Both times I have booked a night train.

The first from Berlin to Budapest we had to have a seat reservation and booked it through OBB using our pass details. Then the second, from Amsterdam to Zurich, showed it was available and included but wouldn’t let me choose it to make the seat reservation that was recommended - ie my cart was empty. So I have also booked on OBB. Just wondering if it matters that I can’t book them on my pass. Or if I am doing something wrong/not seeing something obvious in the process.

Thanks, any help appreciated!


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It's not obvious, but the seat reservations are completely separate from your pass and they won't show in the app. Don't worry. You can view them on the ÖBB app if you want (which is a great so to have).

No reservation needed for Amsterdam-Zurich, assuming you go through Germany. But if you have one that's ok.


Thank you!