Booking problems with paypal - any experiences about getting a refund?

  • 6 August 2022
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Yesterday I experienced troubles with a place reservation. I got a message on the website of interrail my payment wasn't successful so I retried. However later that evening I notified I did make 2 reservations for the same train and consequently paid 2 times. As the travel is already today I couldn't cancel the second reservation.

After many troubles - it is a real challenge to contact interrail - I found a mailaddress  and explained what happened. However I am very worried about getting a refund, and these reservations weren't cheap. Did the same problem happen to anybody else and did you get a refund?

Thanks for sharing experiences.


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If you were charged double, our customer service team would be happy to process a refund. If you haven't already done so, you can contact us via email ( or you can send us a Twitter DM. Please remember to include your reservation number. This starts with R202 and should be visible on the reservation confirmation email. We do currently have a significant backlog so this could take up to several weeks to conclude, but we are working hard to help everyone asap :)