Booking reservations before paper pass arrives

  • 22 June 2021
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Hello Interrail community,

I am about to purchase my pass. As my phone currently has a broken screen and I don’t know for certain by when I can have it fixed, I’d like to go ahead and book a paper pass for my interrail travels in mid-July. I want to go ahead and book my reservations immediately, but my paper pass would not arrive by registered mail until 4 July. 

Could anyone tell me whether I will be able to start booking reservations before it arrives or if I must wait for its arrival?



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2 replies

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You can book reservations as long as no pass cover number is required. Some websites want to know that. At the ticket counter, this is often not needed.

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Hi, you have received a reply from our Customer Support team in the meantime, but I will just provide you with the answer here as well. You can begin making reservations through our self service tool even before having the paper Pass in your hands. Just log into your account, use the order number you'll receive immediately on purchasing the pass (IN + 8 digits), and then you can start to book trains.