Booking reservations for Swedish trains - Prices temporarily unavailable

  • 4 July 2022
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Hello dear community,

the question came up a few times, but I still need help.

In Summer, I am on tour with our scout group to Sweden and want to book reservation for Swedish trains. But for most of the stuff I get the above-mentioned message.

This happens for example for Koeln to Uppsala on the 18.07 or the 25.07. etc.

I also can only use the interrail site, because I ordered paper passes (we try to use our smartphone not, if possible in our scout group), but since they haven’t arrived yet, I do not know the number of the passes.

Is there any possibility to fix this issue or get the pass numbers early?

Thank you :)



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It would have been faster and cheaper (no delivery costs) just to buy your passes from a DB ticket office.

Nevertheless, you can book reservations anywhere you like. For Germany, you can use the DB website.  For Hamburg - Copenhagen in summer, you can use DSB.

For Sweden, you can book via It accepts any combination of a capital i and 8 digits as the pass cover number and it is not printed on the reservation. I think DB can also book these reservations at the ticket office (or by phone). Interrail will charge an extra booking fee, so it's best to book elsewhere.

I'm afraid that I've had no luck with the solutions you suggest. I'm trying to book seat reservations for the 09.22 train from Stockholm to Copenhagen on Friday14th April. I'm getting this error message after I've entered the info. But I don't have an 8 digit pass number and entering a capital I with a combination of 8 digits did not work either. 

Any advice much appreciated. 

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I can get to the payment page for this train. I tested 2nd class with pass cover number I11111111.

If that doesn't work for you, then clear the browser cache, and delete cookies for Or try an incognito window.

Thanks so much @rvdborgt !! I managed to buy the reservation using incognito tab and the I11111111

Thanks for your prompt and spot-on response