Booking reservations on railway websites

  • 30 April 2024
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I am planning a trip for the summer of 2024 and am looking to reserve my trains. When I go to reserve through the website it says “prices unavailable”. I followed the websites instructions and booked my reservations through the website as advised. With these reservations, will I be okay to just show up on the day with my reservation from their website and with my inter rail pass? I do not want to get fined!!! 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!


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1 reply

You didn't provide any details about route or type of reservation, but in general:

If the train has no mandatory reservation there's not even a need to show your reservation to someone. It's just for you to find your seat. So it doesn't matter anyway. Buy it from CD or anywhere else you like to do this.

If it's a mandatory reservation, you may asked for it most of the times. In some cases it's important that it is the correct one for passholder. But without knowing what you will buy it's impossible to verify. 

Not all reservations are possible with CD, too.