booking/reserving in France during Olympics

  • 12 March 2024
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We’ll be travelling thoughout France July 18  through August 18, including Olympics in Paris. We have an Eurail pass in hand. Normally we wouldn’t be able to book trains this early, but Paris 2024 says we can book as of tomorrow March 13. At least for travel within France. 

Does anyone know or expect that on March 13 we can book for this period though Eurail’s main site, or will we have to book through SNCF or some other site?


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2 replies

Thanks thibcabe. I was worried about that eurail 90 policy and wondering if they would make an exception, but based on your “no good reason” I think not! I had looked at the site and that seems possible, but will check the Rail Europe site first.

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SNCF release tickets in batches and passholder reservations open on the same day so yes it'll be possible from tomorrow.

However enforces a strict 90 days policy for no good reason so you should book elsewhere. SNCF website doesn't sell passholder reservations.

Rail Europe (desktop version) works well and there's no fee -> compared to 2€ per person per train on!

Have a look at this guide :